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Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

There are numerous reasons why parties and advisors involved with a corporate transaction will use M&A insurance:

  • Allow a seller to achieve a clean exit particularly in a competitive auction process
  • Address liability associated with a known risk, often discovered by a buyer during due diligence
  • Provide buyers with alternative or improved warranty protection over that agreed by sellers
  • Help smooth the deal negotiation, warranty discussions and transaction process
  • Differentiate a bid during an auction process
  • Enable a deal to proceed rather than fail

AssuredPartners can provide solutions for the following transaction liabilities:

  • Warranty and Indemnity (W&I)
  • Tax
  • Litigation
  • Contingent risks
  • Title risks
  • Environmental

Why choose AssuredPartners?

The scope of cover that AssuredPartners can achieve is broad and highly flexible. We have access to all insurers in this class of business and extensive experience broking M&A policies for clients. This means that you can be completely confident that you will have the right advice at the right time with access to the best solutions in the market for your individual transaction. Our clients trust us to make the process of arranging insurance as uncomplicated and efficient for them as possible. They expect full confidence in the policy cover, insurer selection, timing and end result.

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