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We are a Large, Prestigious Attorney firm in the United States. Why should I place my coverage within Lloyds of London instead of a domestic insurance carrier?

Lloyd's is the oldest insurance market in the world and provides excellent financial security and peace of mind to its policyholders. At AssuredPartners London, our dedicated and specialised team have strong relationships with Lloyd’s syndicates who are committed market leaders within the professional indemnity space, specifically for attorney firms. The many years of knowledge and longevity enjoyed by Lloyd’s insurers in this space means that they will not abandon the client should the firm have a difficult year.
Lloyd’s offers an excellent policy form with very useful enhancements, including the ability to provide a claims representative based in the U.S. who is available to the firm whenever needed, and the option for mutual choice of defence counsel. Underwriters will make an effort to visit the firm as frequently as possible to offer any assistance/answer any questions, or concerns they may have regarding their coverage.
Additionally, not only will you have multiple insurance syndicates/companies on one placement, but if for any reason any of these entities fail then the Lloyd's members funds will kick in and after that the Lloyd’s central assets will be available. This system provides a strong and reliable, 3 link chain of security.

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